Wedding & Ballroom Gowns

What is special about these?

There are a number of factors that make wedding and ballroom gowns unique:

  • They are much more elaborate, typically involving many pleats, many layers, and many decorations
  • They are often adorned with decorations that require special handling, perhaps even including removal before cleaning and re-attachment after cleaning
  • They are worn on only very special occasions and need to look pretty much perfect for those events
  • They may be stored for a number of years between uses

There are a few specialty gown companies that provide the level of service appropriate to the lifetime heirlooms that these are; their typical prices start at $600 – $1,200, or more.

There are two ways of treating a wedding or ballroom gown:

  • More or less the same as any other piece of dry cleaning
  • According them the special care and attention appropriate to items that represent special moments in a lifetime

Most dry cleaners treat gowns as just another piece of dry cleaning, albeit one for which they charge a higher price.  Essentially they run it through the dry cleaning machine just like anything else, press it, and return it it you.  Typical prices for this level of service run $100 – $200.

Outsourcing & Mail Order

There has been a growth of mail-order and gown outsourcing in the wedding gown cleaning and preservation business, treating wedding gowns generically to a standard price/standard treatment.  We do our work in house, we retain top industry specialists, and we can work with you on the needs of your specific gown.

Gown Restoration

Gowns are lifetime heirlooms, and when it is time to bring them out, they may need restoration. Whites may have yellowed, decorations may need renewal, etc.  LookSharp’s gown restoration service uses a number of specialty products to bring new life to garments that, while they may be old, they need not look like an antique when you wear them.

Gown Alterations

Gowns are passed from generation to generation, and some degree of tailoring may be required.  LookSharp tailors are experienced in this and can work with you to make your special gown fit you right on your special day.

LookSharp retains the finest specialists in the industry, and our objective is to provide this highest level of service and quality, while pricing our services at the more affordable end, typically $300 – $600. We are able to do this because we are a full service cleaner, and do not need to burden all of our overhead on wedding gowns alone.