LookSharp Wash-N-Fold

You can do your own laundry at home,
or you could drop it off at the corner laundromat.

Why LookSharp?

LookSharp Wash-N-Fold uses industry leading cleansers and fabric softeners

Most wash-n-fold services consider their detergents to be generic inputs, and use the cheapest off the shelf products available. LookSharp’s practice is to only use the finest products in everything we do, and that extends to Wash-n-Fold.  Your clothes will look their brightest, feel great.

Looksharp Wash-N-Fold offers choice

  • Fresh scent or fragrance-free
  • Commercial strength or mild detergent​

LookSharp Delivers

  • On-Demand
  • Regular scheduled service

LookSharp Wash-N-Fold takes care

LookSharp separates laundry by color and care needs, rather than just treating laundry as laundry. There isn’t a “separate load fee” for running separate loads of things that should be separated.

We aren’t your corner laundromat – we are in the business of garment care. Visit our delivery page to set up a pick up today!