The LookSharp Shirt

Quality permeates every thing we do!

As a case study, we present the LookSharp Shirt. Most dry cleaners consider shirts to be a low margin inconvenience that they have to tolerate along with higher margin items. Hence they slam them through and bulk press them, throw them on the cheapest hangers that can be purchased, and push onto the pickup conveyor without a single inspection. The result: smashed buttons, dingy collars, poor creases. LookSharp takes every step of this process differently.

The industry trend slam shirts through a cheap, low quality process. This is achieved by

  • No stain treatment
  • Low quality detergents
  • Laundering in bulk
  • Pressing in bulk
  • Lowest quality hangers
  • No garment covers
  • Packing as many as 8 or 10 shirts in a garment bag
  • No button service
  • No quality inspection

The impact on you

  • Shirts come back with the same stains they had before
  • Collars and cuffs begin to look dingy and yellow or brown
  • Colors lose their sharpness, whites turn gray
  • Buttons smashed and broken
  • Odd creases and wrinkles
  • Collars droop or curl
  • Shirts fray prematurely

But LookSharp believes every shirt should Look Sharp

We treat our shirts with care

  • Shirts are inspected for stains, and collars and cuffs are pre-treated as necessary
  • Our top of the line detergents cost 10x those typically used in the industry
  • Shirts are sorted by color, starch preference, and other considerations, and laundered in small batch sizes

    Every shirt is individually pressed

  • We still inspect buttons and provide complimentary shirt button service
  • Our shirts are hung on full size hangers that cost 3x as much as the cheap undersize hangers used by almost everyone else in the industry
  • We still use paper garment covers, and we never put more than four shirts in a garment bag to preserve the work that is done pressing the garments

Our customers appreciate our care

Stains are removed, collars and cuffs retain their brightness, colors retain their sharpness
Buttons are preserved
Shirt pressing care shows in the creases and clean lines
Shirts retain the care that is taken pressing until you wear them

LookSharp is one of the few dry cleaners that hangs shirts on full size hangers.
Because we believe the care we take in pressing your shirts should be preserved until you wear them.