Specialty Items

Providing care for unique and special items

LookSharp has established itself as the cleaner that takes care and delivers:

  • Costumes and theater
  • Period pieces and replicas
  • Religious garments, linens, and tapestries
LookSharp sponsors “James and the Giant Peach,” Adventure Theater

LookSharp sponsors “James and the Giant Peach,”
Adventure Theater

Our production team chose Look Sharp for dry cleaning; they believed that LookSharp was the only cleaner that could handle the delicacy and complexity of the costumes and manage the fast turnaround between shows
Glen Echo MD

Adventure Theater

LookSharp specializes in the unique items that require individual attention, for individuals, synagogues, churches, theater companies, and others.


Jewish ceremonial items:
Tallits, often with intricate atarah
Scroll mantles

Christian worship:
Altar cloths
Vestments and robes

Theater production:
Costumes and set pieces

I took my tallit and tallit bag to be cleaned. It had a very bad stain and I was worried that they could not remove it. In addition, my talllit had a one of a kind, hand stitched atara that is very precious to me. The manager discussed the options with me personally and brought in his cleaning expert to see if the stains could be removed. He thought he could but he recommended that his tailor remove the atara so it wouldn’t be damaged during stain treatment. Two weeks later I came back to a beautiful clean, white tallit and undamaged attara. He also was able to put a new lining in my tallit bag. The manager was very attentive and friendly during the entire process. I would recommend this cleaners to anyone who has garments that need some extra special care.
Dani S.

We understand there are items that require special care and individual attention they are not replaceable, and they are delicate.