Special Rug Cleaning

For Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Tapestries, Wall Hangings, Table Runners
For your convenience we offer complimentary home pickup & delivery!

Your home is your expression  of yourself

And the things you display in your home are an extension of who you are!

LookSharp’s Rug and Tapestry cleaning feature the highest quality methods and treatments, together with the LookSharp level of care.

Depending on the size, complexity, and fabric, and weave of the rug, there  are a number of different treatments and processes that become relevant.  Some rugs and tapestries we clean in-house, for some we team with one of the region’s finest rug specialists.  Either way, we work to deliver the highest quality result for you.

For Rugs & Tapestries

We Offer Complimentary Home Pickup & Delivery

$70 Minimum Order