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I took my tallit and tallit bag to be cleaned. It had a very bad stain and I was worried that they could not remove it. In addition, my talllit had a one of a kind, hand stitched atara that is very precious to me. The manager discussed the options with me personally and brought in his cleaning expert to see if the stains could be removed. He thought he could but he recommended that his tailor remove the atara so it wouldn’t be damaged during stain treatment. Two weeks later I came back to a beautiful clean, white tallit and undamaged attara. He also was able to put a new lining in my tallit bag. The manager was very attentive and friendly during the entire process. I would recommend this cleaners to anyone who has garments that need some extra special care.

Dani S.

Fantastic customer service as well as fast service. Green cleaner and they take the extra time to ensure your clothes are 100% to your liking.

Steven B.

Dropped off some sportcoats to LookSharp Cleaners, and I was really impressed at what a great job they did compared to my last cleaners. I could actually tell the difference–my clothes were clean, and the owner really cares about the quality of the work! They even did some sewing repair for me, breathing new life into some old clothes. Looks like I have a new cleaners now!


This is by far the best dry cleaning service I have experienced. At Look Sharp, they are very professional, know a lot about different types of fabrics and know how to eliminate stains. My shirts and dresses looked crisp and clean. This is a family business so they give you personalized attention. They will also call you on the phone for example if your shirt or dress had a missing button or something just so there are no misunderstandings.

Ana G.

This place is amazing, they altered my suit and made it fit perfectly. The customer service is amazing. I have never ever had a bad experience here.

Kevin C.

Their dry cleaning and tailoring is top notch and very reasonably priced. I couldn’t be happier with LookSharp

Amanda H.

Amazing customer service and an excellent dry cleaning service. I have never had a problem and have been using them for a while for dry cleaning services including alterations

Eugene J.

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