Look your very best.
We’ll take care of the rest!

Washington’s Premier Dry Cleaning & Wash/Fold with Pickup & Delivery Service


We Are

Washington’s Premier Cleaner

No Additional Charge

Concierge service for your dry cleaning needs available to you at no additional charge! (minimums required**)

We Are Not

A delivery service that outsources the cleaning to the low cost provider

Scheduled Service

Features scheduled weekly service or the Incredibly popular ON-DEMAND service

Service Levels


Standard Weekly Delivery


Twice Weekly


On Demand




Same Day Commerial Accounts

Hotel, Office, Luxury Residential, and Commercial Pickup and Delivery Service

  • On-demand delivery requests are available Mon-Fri but must be made before noon for same day pickup.
  • LookSharp does not charge for weekly home delivery service, but minimums do apply.
  • You don’t have to have a pickup every week to sign up for weekly pickup – it’s weekly as requested.

Call Us Now At 844-577-4277

LookSharp delivery is Quality & Convenience

Home deliveries managed by local store manager

  • Any special requests or concerns are being handled by your local store manager
  • You can always drop by our store to pick up or drop off
  • For special items that you don’t want to leave outside
  • If you want to pick up or drop off outside of the normal delivery window

Our quality is tops and we do it ourselves

  • We are Washington’s premier dry cleaner for a reason – because we take care and delivery quality
  • We don’t outsource it
  • We retain top staff to do it ourselves
  • We do it well

Typical dry clean delivery services charge a premium for mediocre service

Most services do not manage their own cleaning

  • They own a van and an 800 phone number but they don’t manage the cleaning of your clothes – cleaning your clothes is not part of what they do!
  • Your cleaning is outsourced to whoever will do it cheapest
  • They have no control over the quality of their service

Most services do not maintain local stores

  • If you have an issue, a special request, or any concern, you are calling their central dispatch service, not your local store manager
  • You can’t just drop by the store for something quick – you are tied to their delivery schedule

Serving Northern Virginia (inside the beltway), Montgomery County, and Northwest DC (west of 20th Street)

LookSharp is a quality first cleaner
And we deliver that quality to your door

Terms of Service:

LookSharp logs and records are considered final for pickups or deliveries, and any articles picked up and delivered, including the number of items picked up, their condition, and their delivery.  Liability limited to store credit, 10x service price. Claims must be made within 48 hours of items received.  No liability accepted on: household items (comforters, cushion covers, drapes, etc., due to the fact that they are typically only cleaned rarely and the accumulated damage, stains, bleaching, fraying, etc is not something that can be warranted); redo, complementary or discounted services; alterations or repairs (due to their subjective nature and the fact that a repair is by its nature a remediation of something already damaged); items without legible care labels, glued decorations, pre-damaged items, wash/fold items (which aren’t individually itemized, inspected, and tagged), or items left over 30 days.  Stain removal is on a reasonable efforts basis.  Customers authorize minor repairs, which are noted and completed without further customer consultation.